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Moms to Meet: Hunter Fowler

Moms to Meet: Hunter Fowler

by Alexa Jorgenson

May 14, 2018

Hello, and we hope each and every lady out there had a happy Mother's Day! While yesterday marked an important date to praise those mamas in the thick of raising the next generation, it also provided a tender moment to cheer for the incredible women who are yet to have children, hope for children or are pure examples of true motherhood extending far beyond only serving our kin. 
We are thrilled to welcome Hunter Fowler to the blog today: a rockstar behind the camera, wife to her dapper husband and a lovely example of someone who uses her own brave experiences to lift others and share her story.

What's your own proudest accomplishment as a woman? 
Chasing after my dreams and giving myself grace to make mistakes while doing so. I also recognize my value and I don’t let anyone diminish that. 

Are there women in your life that have helped shape and mold you into who you are today? How have they done so? 

Absolutely. At the very top of my list is my mother. I am also surrounded by amazing women in the form of aunts, cousins, grandmas, etc. who have all helped me become the woman I am and the mother I aspire to be. From the time I was little, these women, and most especially my mom, boosted me up and were my greatest cheerleaders. I watched as my mom emulated everything I felt a mother should be, and I learned by example from her. She did it all. THEY do it all. Cook, serve, lift, teach, love, nurture. I never felt less than.

What are you fondest memories of your own mother, and what traditions are you excited to pass on to your future kiddos? 

My mom and I were extremely close throughout my upbringing. We still are. My fondest memories with my mom were the times when it was just her and I. We ran errands together, went on lunch dates, got drinks, performed acts of service, put together beautiful things such as flower bouquets, etc. I hope to be just as close with my daughters one day. As far as traditions go, I don’t know that we have or had many, but I always knew that I was important to my mom. In fact... my mom waited 9 years for me (her and my dad went through infertility), and that created a special bond between us. I made her a mom, and hopefully one day soon, I will be able to say that to my daughter. That I waited for her, that she is my greatest treasure, and that she will always be important to me— I’ll always make time for her.

You're open about your battle with infertility, which is a struggle for so many lovely women. What's the best advice you would offer someone else in your position, as someone still in the midst of it? 

Oh man. Let yourself feel it. Infertility is SO HARD, especially when you live in the bubble of happy valley baby town. I have struggled to watch it happen for what feels like everyone around me, when I feel like I’m doing all I can do fill that role I so desperately desire. Some days I am okay, while others I feel as though my heart might just break. The best thing I’ve done for myself and for my husband through this is just allow myself to feel the emotions and get through it. Being open has helped me to feel like I’m not carrying the weight on my own. I have a great support system and that has been important to me. 

We all know it's nearly impossible to find the perfect balance in things: battling infertility, working, being a wife: what are your best tips for staying sane? 

CAFFEINE! ;) lol — if you’re not into that, finding things that help you relax is crucial. Whether it be exercise, a warm bath, a morning routine, giving yourself time to not spread yourself so thin, etc. Don’t compare too much to others either. Easier said than done, but we can always try. 

We are always looking for fabulous products. Do you have any products or comforts that specifically helped you through your times of dealing with infertility? (I know I bought a lot of lipstick, cuddly blankets, and ice cream
sandwiches during this time!)

Someone sent me a warm cuddly blanket right after I miscarried last year and I still sleep with it. Something about the feeling of it next to my skin helped me sleep a little better when my heart was breaking and aching for my baby. As far as getting through infertility goes, I have received a lot of texts letting me know that someone is thinking of me, and some have even gone so far to send me $5 on Venmo to go grab a drink or a treat. That’s meant a lot to me. 

If you want to learn more about Hunter, take a peek at her beautiful feed and heartfelt words over here! We have loved following along with her and can't wait to see what big things are right around the corner for her and her family. 


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