EHD was founded by Elizabeth Hales. A wife and mother of daughters with a passion for everyday design. In her youth, she moved many times and her environment was constantly changing. She learned at an early age that no matter where you are, there are always a few special pieces that reinforce a sense of home and familiarity. It is with these feelings that she took it upon herself to design beautiful products for the home that do just that. As an interior designer she has used her talents working for companies large and small relying on her expertise in trends and eye for design. Through successful networking, she has established some incredible relationships in manufacturing both locally and globally.


Travel has become a vital piece of our story. Inspiration comes tenfold when traveling to other parts of the world. From structures and architecture to colors and materials, we find ideas and stories around every corner. Seeing the process through from beginning to end is key. Our products start as a design concept here at headquarters, and through our travels the designs are carefully discussed and adjusted with our artisans and makers. One of the brightest parts of our work is seeing our design concepts brought to life.


Choosing a collaborative team of passionate, driven people, with the ability to drive functionality and seek out good design by focusing on the details has become a huge priority for EHD. Our goal is to create pieces of excellent design that are affordable and readily available to everyone. With the right people in place, well-trained artisans who take pride in their work, an experienced and talented designer driving it all, and a purpose in mind, EHD is here to bring you our best. We hope you find something that brings YOU a sense of home.


“Some people look for a beautiful home, others make a beautiful home.”

                               -HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN