Have a Seat at the Table

w/ CEO Elizabeth Hales.

There are few things that bring me more joy than designing beautiful spaces and creating products that bring meaning to your everyday.

When I began this interior design studio and opened up shop, it was with the hope that my travels abroad, the journey of motherhood and my passion for design would translate into something that could inspire your everyday, in all the spaces you live in. 

It’s the pieces we fill our home with that tell our story best. They are what give us a sense of warmth and familiarity. Because of that, I’ve carefully designed and curated, alongside of skilled artisans around the world, the products you’ll find in our shop.

Whether you’re keen for Scandinavian inspired designs or drawn to the clean, balanced lines of minimalism, every product has been thoughtfully crafted with you in mind. 

Beginning as just a mere concept, every piece takes it’s shape from structures and architecture, colors and materials. Through collaborations with artisans and makers worldwide, the pieces evolve and the concepts are brought to life.   

When they show up in our shop, they’re ready to tell the story of your home. 
Behind every product is a place that I knew needed it. 

Designing interiors and making sense of empty spaces is what compels me to continue forward in the beautiful work of making every home meaningful. 

That’s why you’ll find more than a shop here. You’ll find an interior design studio that’s ready to serve you and bring life into the corners and crevices of your home. 

Whether you’re looking for a consultation or a total re-construction of your space, I hope you’ll connect with me and that, together, with my expertise, skill and passion, we’ll breathe fresh life into the place you call home.

No matter what brought you here, there’s a seat at the table for you. We hope you leave inspired every single time.

- Elizabeth and the EHD Team